Turn your rut into a groove. Running Blog at FastRunningBlog.Com http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/ Sun, 26 Feb 2017 16:47:25 FeedCreator 1.7.2 Sat, Feb 25, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-25-2017.html <p>am--9.25 Southgate out-and-back w/ 1-, 2-, 1-, 2-, 1-min. pick-ups. Sufficiently tired after this one. The elevation profile shows that it&#39;s a slight downhill on the way out and a little climb on the way back. It did feel harder on the way back. The pace overall was strong. Even though the soleus feels good, I would&#39;ve been rumbling, stumbling by the end of 13 miles. Guess I&#39;m saying not running Dogtown was a good choice. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 25 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Feb 24, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-24-2017.html <p>am--2.5 Cold morning run to Wells Fargo and back. There was a headwind on the way out that made the first few minutes miserable. The wind settled down after that. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--5 Telegraph Church run. We had some new faces and others starting to step up. Good stuff.</p> Fri, 24 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Feb 23, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-23-2017.html <p>am--1.75 Weights and Harts+. Feeling good w/ the lifting, and the weather is coold again. We could use a few more days of that. RHR--54.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--5.25 Middleton through the new underpass. Nice run w/ some people doing some nice things. Most people seemed pretty peppy after the work yesterday.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 23 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 22, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-22-2017.html <p>am--2.5 Wells Fargo and back. Lovely morning weather again. Jacey taught us some self defense. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--8.25 8k-pace work 2x(4x 400 and 1x 800) w/ 4x barefoot striders. Nice workout. The 400s feel like something we could do all day. The 800s take a little more focus. My soleus feels a lot better. The striders get to the calf some, but, overall, today was a good day.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 22 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Feb 21, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-21-2017.html <p>am--1.5 Weights and Harts+. Perfect weather this morning. I felt decent lifting. RHR--50.</p> <p>pm--5.5 Green Springs. I love this run. Some hate it. We kept the run pretty chill today. I was feeling antsy in the back.&nbsp;</p> <p>I finished a short book this morning--<em>Together is Better</em> by Simon Sinek. The book is basically a quote book with illustrations. I love this author. He has a great interview about millenials in the workplace and has written one of the best books I&#39;ve read in the past year or so--<em>Start with Why.&nbsp;</em>The latter was very helpful as we put together a mission for PVXC.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 21 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Feb 20, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-20-2017.html <p>am--8 Hurricane Rim Trail. I&#39;ve never run this trail before, but today was a great day for. I had a blast, talking and talking and talking the whole time. Happy birthday to Jacey. RHR--53.</p> <p>I also did some reading today and finished 2 books. The first is a classic--<em>Great Expectations</em> by Charles Dickens. I&#39;ve read it once before but liked it even more the second time. It took &nbsp;my mind to Huck Finn. Huck and Pip are very similar. Joe and Jim, as well. My AP Lit kids complained that it was long--it comes in at 497 pages--but it reads quickly.&nbsp;</p> <p>The second book I finished was <em>The Team Captain&#39;s Leadership Manual</em> by Jeff Janssen. The book outlines a 10-week plan to train team leaders. Once I got in the groove with the book, it flew by. Lots of great info that could be applicable in XC and the classroom. I want to put together outlines of each chapter. That&#39;s my next project.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 20 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Feb 18, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-18-2017.html <p>pm--8 Progressive Run for ~65 minutes. The leg felt decent. Upping the speed towards the end made it a bit tight. I erged for 10 minutes after. Good week. I seem to be on the up-and-up.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 18 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Feb 17, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-17-2017.html <p>am--3.5 Neighborhood bushes and STG Running Center Loop. Nice drizzly morning, but, boy, was I tired. The weekend can&#39;t come soon enough. RHR--56.</p> <p>pm--5 To and from the hill workout. Kids look strong. The leg feels a lot better. Next week should be a real week again.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 17 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Feb 16, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-16-2017.html <p>pm--5 Out-and-back on Telegraph. We had a big group most of the run. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 16 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 15, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-15-2017.html <p>am--2.5 Nearly to the bank and back. Leg feels a bit better. RHR--49.</p> <p>pm--7 Ran laps around the track while the kids rocked their 8k-pace workout. Boy, they looked awesome today.&nbsp;</p> <p>Finished another book this evening:&nbsp;<em>Bluebeard</em>&nbsp;by Kurt Vonnegut. He&#39;s one of my favorites. I learned something about Armenia and Abstract Expressionism. Vonnegut mixes history and humor in a most palatable way.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Wed, 15 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Feb 14, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-14-2017.html <p>pm--5 Prospector from under the freeway. I felt surprisingly good today. The soleus was a bit twitchy during the stretch after, but nothing big. RHR--49.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 14 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Feb 13, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-13-2017.html <p>pm--7.75 Fields Long Run. I wasn&#39;t sure what I would run today, but Josie was going to shoot for 60 or 70 minutes. I thought I would give that a shot. My calf--I&#39;m sure I have a soleus strain--felt the same throughout the run. And I feel pretty decent getting around on it after. That&#39;s a plus. I&#39;m not going to jump into any quicker stuff and will try to avoid hills as much as possible this week. See how that works. RHR--51.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 13 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Feb 11, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-11-2017.html <p>pm--8 SC Parkway out-and-back. Things felt pretty good until I was about 5 miles out. I felt a pull in my calf and was forced to walk for a while. Getting sick of that and dreading the long, slow trek home, I tried jogging. My leg loosened up a bit, and I was able to get in a few more miles before the tightness came again. The rest tomorrow will do me good. Time to research this pain in the leg. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 11 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Feb 10, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-10-2017.html <p>pm--7.5 Light Tempo day. I took yesterday off because my calf got crazy gnarly during our CV stuff on Wednesday. I wore a compression sleeve the last few days and took it easy. Today, I planned on doing the warm-up and cool-down. During the warm-up, I felt pretty good so decided to jump into the tempo for a few minutes. I was jettisoned after 10 minutes, did a few laps, and got back in for another 10 minutes. There was some lingering soreness but no exacerbation. Nice day of running. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 10 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 08, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-08-2017.html <p>am--4.25 DI/Neighborhood Bushes. Another fine morning. By the time we finished, I was feeling decent. I&#39;m not sure if it&#39;s age or mileage, but I need a few miles before I feel like my breathing and gait and everything else are all in sync. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--5.75 Pace and Form work. My left calf was a little twingy as we jumped into things--the CV work was at the beginning and end--but I decided to go and see how it would feel. Actually, I didn&#39;t think much of it when I started. Made it through the first set and the second set but couldn&#39;t keep on through the third set. I awkwardly jogged around the track until the girls were done and then called it quits for the day. Icing and rolling are in order. I&#39;m bummed because I was feeling good today.&nbsp;</p> <p>Also finished my 10th book of the year, <em>Testimony</em> by Robbie Robertson. Over the years, particularly the last few that I&#39;ve been dabbling w/ the bass guitar, I&#39;ve gained a great appreciation for The Band, a group that really felt their way through songs in an organic, unified way. I enjoyed the book for its protrayal of their prime years, even though it&#39;s fairly one-sided, and the early &#39;60s-&#39;70s in rock culture. A quote at the end, written about the few hours in the wake of &quot;The Last Waltz,&quot; their final show together,&nbsp;reminded me of the end of &nbsp;an xc season:&nbsp;</p> <p>&quot;Many of our guests had hardly got warmed up. They&#39;d just had a taste and needed to play more music. Impromptu sessions were starting up in hotel suites and various locations, but for me, my cup had runneth over. I couldn&#39;t play another note. I found myself sitting on the floor against the wall of the hotel banquet room as people came and went in party spirit. Marty joined me &nbsp;on the floor. We didn&#39;t need to talk; we just had to remember to breathe&quot; (491).&nbsp;</p> <p>I really enjoyed spending time w/ this book over the last week or so.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 08 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Feb 07, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-07-2017.html <p>am--3.5 DI/Weights/Harts+. I didn&#39;t get in as much before weights this morning. Bummer. The weather was beautiful on the run. The gloves were probably overkill. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--3 Some miles before and after the rootbeer mile. I was manning the Instagram Live camera. Fun stuff.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 07 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Feb 06, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-06-2017.html <p>pm--9.5 Turkey Road Long Run w/ 1, 1, 2, 1, 2 pick-ups. The run was great, overcast, and stout. I really wasn&#39;t in the greatest mood heading up. The cold that I never had remains in my chest or so it feels. But, once we got going, everything went well. RHR--56.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 06 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Feb 04, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-04-2017.html <p>am--8 Santa Clara Loop via the cemetery. Decent, steady progress on the run. It was warmer this morning than it has been in a while, beautiful, actually. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> Sat, 04 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Feb 03, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-03-2017.html <p>pm--7.75 Track Tempo. It was harder work today, and I never felt truly fluid. But, despite feeling tired this afternoon, the body responded well. Kids are doing awesome things. RHR--50.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 03 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Feb 02, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-02-2017.html <p>am--4.25 Lutheran Sign/Weights/Harts +. Nice morning. It looks to be the last of the cold ones for the next week or so. My legs were still a little tight from yesterday&#39;s work when I started this morning. RHR--53.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--5.5 Green Springs w/ barefoot striders after. Nice run. I had a good chat w/ Sarah.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 02 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Feb 01, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-02-01-2017.html <p>pm--7.25 Pace and Form work. This was the same as last week w/ 5x 1-min. at 8k pace in the middle. Felt nice and strong w/ a good group, once again. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 01 Feb 2017 07:00:00 Tue, Jan 31, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-31-2017.html <p>am--4 Lutheran sign/Weights/Harts +. Tired morning. Cold morning. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--4 Mustang Pass. Dragging this afternoon. I erged 1k after.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 31 Jan 2017 07:00:00 Mon, Jan 30, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-30-2017.html <p>pm--9.5 Parkway Loop w/ extension to Turtle Rd. w/ pick-ups. Good run w/ a dwindling group. The climes were perfect.&nbsp;RHR--56.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 30 Jan 2017 07:00:00 Sat, Jan 28, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-28-2017.html <p>pm--7.25 Negative-split run. Nothing fancy. Felt good the whole run. A bit tight in the calves after.&nbsp;</p> <p>I finished another book--<em>The Sympathizer</em> by Viet Thanh Nguyen. My buddy gifted me the book for Christmas. It&#39;s award-winning fiction, meant to rattle the reader and make him &quot;uncomfortable in a good way,&quot; according to the author. The book read slower than I would&#39;ve thought but provided perspective of the conflict in Vietnam and events in the aftermath. Here&#39;s a quote from the book:</p> <p>&quot;We remain that most hopeful of creatures, a revolutionary in search of a revoution, although we will not dispute being called a dreamer doped by an illusion&quot; (382).&nbsp;</p> Sat, 28 Jan 2017 07:00:00 Fri, Jan 27, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-27-2017.html <p>pm--7.25 Track Tempo (28 min.) Another nice tempo w/ a good group. I love seeing kids keep fighting when the running becomes more difficult. Lots are answering the call. RHR--56.&nbsp;</p> Fri, 27 Jan 2017 07:00:00 Thu, Jan 26, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-26-2017.html <p>am--4 Same as usual w/ squats and dead lifts, using the bar, getting back into it. Felt, if not better, the same as I have been this morning. RHR--54.&nbsp;</p> <p>pm--6.25 Green Springs hilly run w/ 6x striders on the track after. Good run w/ good pace and good people.&nbsp;</p> Thu, 26 Jan 2017 07:00:00 Wed, Jan 25, 2017 http://vis.fastrunningblog.com/blog-01-25-2017.html <p>pm--7 Timed Fartlek Pace and Form work. I wasn&#39;t sure how I would do today w/ the approaching gamboo. But, as is usually the case, I jumped in and felt good. We&#39;re starting to get a handle on the feel of the different paces. RHR--52.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 25 Jan 2017 07:00:00